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When Time Stands Still

Updated: May 22, 2020

Remember when we all wished for time to slow down so we could get to some of the things on our to-do list that we never got to? We got our wish, didn’t we?

Contemplating the enormity of a worldwide pandemic and the fallout that will follow is mind numbing and for quite a few weeks, that’s where my mind was…numb. As the weeks pass, I have begun to gain some momentum but I find that for me, the pace of my normally slow work is even slower. I am trying to give myself the grace to let that be ok... along with a few extra cups of coffee. There is still much to think about as it becomes clear that we are not going “back to normal” anytime soon.

I find myself wondering about and missing my customers that so often become friends. I am so energized by our small gatherings around my work table and browsing the shelves with you to find just that perfect piece to pick up or order. The complete loss of those connections and conversations this season has affected me deeply. While I am grateful for the virtual connections of Facebook and Instagram, I have admittedly been less active there as well.

So, how are you, really? Are you getting to some of those things on your to-do list? Have you slowed your pace to give yourself some grace?

I’ve been slow to start working on some changes to how I will do business going forward. While I’m inspired by stories of entrepreneurs successfully doing a quick “pivot,” that’s never been my style or strength. That being said, I am working on some new things from the long, long to-do list that I never made time for before, including this blog post. I'd love to know what you think of them.

I worked with Mickayla at PA Made for a beautiful update to my logo! I absolutely love it and am excited to start using it everywhere, including some new shirts that are in the works...almost.

An Online (Ready to Ship) Store is something I have thought about for a long time, particularly for those folks who have not been here before or are too far away to make a visit. I will always prefer in-person to point and click but I think it will be a good option to offer. Here’s a sneak peek. It’s not quite ready to launch yet but I will keep you posted.

At this point, I’m not sure if we will be able to have our summer Open House in some form on July 18. Maybe…probably…it’s unclear yet, so I will make the decision a little later about if and how.

For the time being, I will err on the side of caution and continue to have only Porch Pick Up and shipping available. Because I walk customers through our home to the shop, which is fairly close quarters and I value those face to face interactions so highly, I will not likely open my shop until things are more normal.

Some things have not changed.

  • I am still taking orders by phone, email, message, messenger…any way you want to contact me.

  • I am still passionate about creating beautiful pieces that will compliment your unique, personal style and serve you for a lifetime of everyday dinners and most special occasions.

  • I continue to be incredibly grateful for all of your support and encouragement.

For now... deep breaths, one day at a time and remember to be kind to yourself too.



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