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the Pots

 Each piece of Pine Springs Pottery starts as a lump of clay. I hand throw every one individually on the potter’s wheel to make the desired shape.  After being cut free from the wheel, the handles or other parts are attached. Then each piece must be left to air dry completely. The pots are all dipped in a subtle gray base glaze and hand painted each with one of my signature designs. Using a reduction firing method to 2300 degrees, the otherwise fragile elements mature rich in color and texture and strong enough for everyday use. After the kiln has slowly cooled, each piece is sanded on the bottom for a smooth finish.

There are many variables in the pottery process. Some variations in size, shape, color and decoration are natural to handcrafted work and are a desirable mark of its authenticity. Though each piece will be individual and unique you can count on consistently high quality and usability. 

My pieces are chip resistant and safe for use in the:

  • Oven

  • Microwave

  • Dishwasher

For more about Use & Care, click here

Use & Care


Featured on Kaleidoscope, the Series.

My Segment starts at About 7:00

The Potter

The ultimate value and beauty of my work, I believe, is realized in the hands and eyes of the user. I draw such inspiration from envisioning that throughout the creation process. Initially, my interest was sparked by a couple classes. Though it wasn’t my field, I couldn’t stay away for long. Working on a vintage kick wheel in my rural home studio, my 25 year hobby became my fulltime passion and vocation. I make stoneware serving pieces that are hand dipped in my own glaze to form a smooth, neutral palette. I then paint by hand on top of the glaze with stains of my own formula. Each piece retains its own unique marks both of the maker and the process. Inspired both by nature and early American functional ware, my designs are original and evolve with the idea that they will be welcomed into a home and used with joy for a lifetime. I love to share this all-handmade process and connect with the people I make each piece for.


I believe the things you use every day should be strong, beautiful, and unique - just like you! ~Marie

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