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Reality, virtually.

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

In video, every bloop blunder and lost word seems to stick out and poke back at you like a stick in the eye. Why is it that Facebook always lands on an unflattering frame for the cover photo? It’s enough to make a person camera shy!

However, I really did intentionally leave that picture right there as the cover's real.

(You can click on the picture to see my practicing for live video on Facebook.)

We all want to curate the feed, to present our best selves, right? We do, it’s true, both in video and in person and especially in business. But consider this; those bloops, blunders and lost words are part of real life, the real you... and they happen in person too. The difference is that in person, you have feedback and facial expressions and instant interaction that balances out the weird stuff, bumps it down further on the list, puts it more in perspective.

This past weekend, I participated in my first virtual makers market event on Facebook. It was hosted by The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania - a fantastic group of folks who work tirelessly to promote the makers of our wild and rural areas.

It was also my first live video stream demonstration. That’s a lot of new all at the same time and I was full of nervous excitement.

Sure enough, bloops, blunders and lost words ensued for most everyone to some degree or another but…it was great! You know why? Because it was a bunch of people working together figuring out a way to promote and support each other. It was beautiful.

In person, face to face will always be my first choice for connection. However, having been forced try it, I‘ve found something that can add to, not take the place of personal interactions.

(Grab a cup of coffee and click on the picture to watch the actual demo - about 20 minutes.)

So I challenge you as I now challenge myself to embrace every bloop, blunder, lost word and crazy expression cover photo because that is reality. Dismiss whatever current fad prescription has been pushed at you for increasing sales or views or attention or whatever. Just connect any way you can.

Be real. Be you. You’re beautiful just as you are, that’s reality.

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