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Apple Baker  $22.00

Apple Baker $22.00

Batter Bowl    $45.00

Batter Bowl $45.00

Bowls, Round  -multiple sizes

Bowls, Round -multiple sizes

Bowls, Square -multiple sizes

Bowls, Square -multiple sizes

Bread Warmer / Trivet  $18.00

Bread Warmer / Trivet $18.00

Brie Baker  $30.00

Brie Baker $30.00

Canister  -multiple sizes

Canister -multiple sizes

Covered Casserole  $115.00

Covered Casserole $115.00

Chip & Dip    $64.00

Chip & Dip $64.00

Colander   $83.00

Colander $83.00

Berry Colander    $50.00

Berry Colander $50.00

Cream & Sugar Set    $77.00

Cream & Sugar Set $77.00

Crock, Open Top   -multiple sizes

Crock, Open Top -multiple sizes

Cruet  $33.00

Cruet $33.00

Dispenser  $21.00

Dispenser $21.00

Egg Plate    $37.00

Egg Plate $37.00

Garlic Pot  $46.00

Garlic Pot $46.00

Honey Pot  $59.00

Honey Pot $59.00

Mug    $23.00

Mug $23.00

Pedestal Plate     -multiple sizes

Pedestal Plate -multiple sizes

Phone Bowl  $30.00

Phone Bowl $30.00

Pie Plate    -multiple sizes

Pie Plate -multiple sizes

Piggy Bank     $88.00

Piggy Bank $88.00

Plate  -multiple sizes

Plate -multiple sizes

Salt & Pepper Set    $56.00

Salt & Pepper Set $56.00

Soup Mug  $25.00

Soup Mug $25.00

Spoon Rest  $17.00

Spoon Rest $17.00

Sponge Crock  $26.00

Sponge Crock $26.00

Stein   $23.00

Stein $23.00

Teapot  $94.00

Teapot $94.00

Toothbrush Holder  $46.00

Toothbrush Holder $46.00

Triple Server - Short  $66.00

Triple Server - Short $66.00

Triple Server - Tall  $66.00

Triple Server - Tall $66.00

Vase  -multiple sizes

Vase -multiple sizes

Wine Crock  $41.00               Wine Goblet  $44.00

Wine Crock $41.00 Wine Goblet $44.00

Yarn Bowl  $30.00

Yarn Bowl $30.00

A note about...
Thermal Shock
(the “kryptonite” of Super Strong Stoneware)
Thermal shock occurs when an object is exposed to changes in temperature that are either too drastic or too rapid. Large, wide pottery pieces can be subject to cracking from thermal shock but a few simple precautions will keep your stoneware strong and durable for many years of use:
·Even, indirect heat is the key. Ovens are ideal, a stovetop burner is not.
·Heating (or cooling) on an open rack or grate allows even temperature distribution.
·Spread contents evenly across wide pieces when baking.
·Cold cupboards? Allow your piece to reach room temperature or pre-warm with tap water before putting in the oven.

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