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Apple Baker  $22.00

Apple Baker $22.00

Batter Bowl    $43.00

Batter Bowl $43.00

Bowls, Round  -multiple sizes

Bowls, Round -multiple sizes

Bowls, Square -multiple sizes

Bowls, Square -multiple sizes

Bread Warmer / Trivet  $18.00

Bread Warmer / Trivet $18.00

Brie Baker  $27.00

Brie Baker $27.00

Canister  -multiple sizes

Canister -multiple sizes

Covered Casserole  $112.00

Covered Casserole $112.00

Chip & Dip    $64.00

Chip & Dip $64.00

Colander    $80.00

Colander $80.00

Berry Colander    $48.00

Berry Colander $48.00

Cream & Sugar Set    $74.00

Cream & Sugar Set $74.00

Crock, Open Top   -multiple sizes

Crock, Open Top -multiple sizes

Cruet  $31.00

Cruet $31.00

Dispenser  $21.00

Dispenser $21.00

Egg Plate    $32.00

Egg Plate $32.00

Garlic Keeper  $45.00

Garlic Keeper $45.00

Honey Pot  $57.00

Honey Pot $57.00

Mug    $21.00

Mug $21.00

Pedestal Plate     -multiple sizes

Pedestal Plate -multiple sizes

Phone Bowl  $29.00

Phone Bowl $29.00

Pie Plate    -multiple sizes

Pie Plate -multiple sizes

Piggy Bank     $88.00

Piggy Bank $88.00

Plate  -multiple sizes

Plate -multiple sizes

Salt & Pepper Set    $52.00

Salt & Pepper Set $52.00

Soup Mug  $23.00

Soup Mug $23.00

Spoon Rest  $17.00

Spoon Rest $17.00

Sponge Crock  $22.00

Sponge Crock $22.00

"Squoval" Dish  $21.00

"Squoval" Dish $21.00

Stein   $23.00

Stein $23.00

Teapot  $92.00

Teapot $92.00

Toothbrush Holder  $46.00

Toothbrush Holder $46.00

Triple Server - Short  $62.00

Triple Server - Short $62.00

Triple Server - Tall  $62.00

Triple Server - Tall $62.00

Vase  -multiple sizes

Vase -multiple sizes

Wine Crock  $40.00               Wine Goblet  $44.00

Wine Crock $40.00 Wine Goblet $44.00

Yarn Bowl  $30.00

Yarn Bowl $30.00


Advance the slides to see all the designs.

All pieces can be made to order in any of the designs. 

Customize Your Design:

All my designs are original and painted by hand.

Some elements and colors can be changed if you prefer. 

Have an idea for something new? Let me know!


A note about sizes...

The size number you see listed (for items that come in multiple sizes) are based on the amount of clay used in the piece.

For example, a Mug is a #1, it starts out as a 1 pound lump of clay.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about sizes.

Custom and more...

* Please note: Intricately hand painted custom designs will incur an additional charge per piece.



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