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It all starts with a humble lump of clay.  With care and pressure it is formed and transformed into strong stoneware.  Just like people, each piece turns out to be beautifully unique.

In Western Pennsylvania? Come and see for yourself.  Bring some friends and family for a demonstration show and you can feel the clay, follow each step and see how it evolves into it's final form.  Show hosts earn free credit towards their own custom made pottery.

Too far to visit the studio in person?  Please browse the website and check Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest for the latest pictures then contact me about your own pieces.

I love sharing this process and making special pieces for the people I meet!
                                                    ~Marie Lewis

1650 Stony Rd. (Limestone Twp.) New Bethlehem, PA  16242
814-764-5626   marie@PineSpringsPottery.com

Hours: The Pottery Shop is open anytime I am working; most days from 12-6, other times by contact. Call first if you want to be sure I'm here, need directions or want to arrange a specific time. 
*Closed in January & February except by arrangement*

Mark your calendar!


July 20 & 21 -

Summer in the Country Open House. 10-4
Pine Springs Pottery with the paintings of Sarah Baptist and the tastes of Porchvue Winery. Sip, shop, relax!

August 20 -

A great time to place Christmas orders.

September 20 -

Would love to have your Christmas orders now.

October 5, 2018 -

Autumn Leaf Festival Farmers and Crafter's Day, downtown Clarion, PA 

October 20 -

Deadline for Christmas orders, absolutely, positively.

November 24 -

Christmas in the Country Open House. 10-4


Wish Lists & Registries

Print and return the wish list form to:

  • Begin a Wedding Registry
  • Create a private Wish List that I will keep for loved ones to refer to when buying gifts for you!


About the Pots

Each piece of Pine Springs Pottery is made and decorated completely by hand. There are a variety of casually elegant patterns to choose from and I am happy to customize a design just for you.

There are many variables in the pottery process. Variations in size, shape, color and decoration are natural to handcrafted work and are a desirable mark of its authenticity. Though each piece will be individual and unique you can count on consistently high quality.

About Me

I fell in love with pottery during a few college classes, kept my hands in clay for the next twenty something years while being mostly mom, then renewed my joy in the work as an empty-nester. I love to share this all-handmade process and connect with the people I make each piece for.

Hand painting

I believe the things you use every day should be strong, beautiful, and unique - just like you!

Can I really use it?


Please use and enjoy your Pine Springs Pottery every day. Stoneware is fired to a very high temperature, making it durable, food-safe and stable, even for baking. My pottery is safe for use in the:
 · microwave
 · dishwasher
 · oven

A note about...

Thermal Shock

(the “kryptonite” of Super Strong Stoneware)

Thermal shock occurs when an object is exposed to changes in temperature that are either too drastic or too rapid. Large, wide pottery pieces can be subject to cracking from thermal shock but a few simple precautions will keep your stoneware strong and durable for many years of use:

·Even, indirect heat is the key. Ovens are ideal, a stovetop burner is not.
·Heating (or cooling) on an open rack or grate allows even temperature distribution.
·Spread contents evenly across wide pieces when baking.
·Cold cupboards? Allow your piece to reach room temperature or pre-warm with tap water before putting in the oven.